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“DANCE TRUCK” refers to a truck specially made for mobile dance performances using cargo spaces of delivery trucks as a stage. This project will offer mobile dance performances as they travel to some locations throughout Tokyo including the Tokyo metropolitan area, Tama-area, and Tokyo island-area. Many cutting-edge artists from a wide range of fields will participate. Minimized space within the solar powered truck will transform into a stage integrated with body, sound, and music, and the performances resonating with the surroundings will drastically change the familiar cityscape.

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March-August 2021
* Partially held as a non-audience performance and shooting in September 2021
* Implemented at 5 locations in 2019
Tokyo metropolitan area, Tama-area, and Tokyo island-area

2021 performance

①Tachikawa/Sansan Road
Date & Time : April 9 (FRI) 18:00-20:00
The road is symbolic of Tachikawa city, the largest commercial area in Tama district, and a place where people go to relax. The performance will be held under the Tama Monorail overpass which connects the northern and southern areas of Tama.
Performers :
Atsuhiro Ito×Yoko Higashino, Yu Okamoto (TABATHA), W4taru Kitao, KODOMOKYOJIN, SNATCH, BUSHMAN (Ikumi Kurosu & Tezuka Bausch)
In Association with Tachikawa City
②Higashi-0jima/Former Nakagawa River Station
Date & Time : May 8 (SAT) 18:00-20:00
→June 12th (SAT) and 13th (SUN) 18: 45-20: 00
In the past, the Nakagawa River flowed between the Sumida river and the Edo river. The performance will be held at the “River Station” park. The park was built on the site of the former Nakagawa check point, that functioned as a logistic hub in the Edo period.
Performers :
12th (SAT)  Aokid, Teita Iwabuchi, KAMOSU, VONNOS
13th (SUN)  Jon The Dog, Koichiro Tamura, Yoko Higashino×Nakahara Masaya, Ayano Yokoyama
Credit :
In Association with Koto City
Production Support from Enjoyable Days at waterside Koto,Tokyo In Cooperation with Sipping Agent ("Funayado”) Yoshinoya

"Nakano Performance" have been canceled due to the announcement of a state of emergency.

③Nakano/Nakano City Office Square
Date & Time : May 23 (SUN) 18:30-20:30
Nakano is famously known as a subculture town. The performance will be held at the town square in front of Nakano City Hall which is always alive with a variety of cultural events.
Performers :
UTAUHAHAGOKORO, Kitamari, Yoko Higashino+Yukio Suzuki, Rina Mizumura×Koichiro Tamura, Ryohei Minami, Ayano Yokoyama
Credit :
In Association with Nakano City

This performance will be held implementing various COVID-19 measures to ensure maximum safety. We also request the understanding and cooperation of all audience members regarding the precautionary measures. Please read and follow the instructions before you attend the performance.

  • entrance guidance
  • ▶ Admission free (no advance reservation required)
  • ▶ The audience will be standing throughout the performance.
  • ▶ There is no parking lot at each venue, so please use public transportation.
  • ▶ The order of appearance will be announced on the web on the day.
  • ▶ Rain or shine. In the case of stormy weather there are possibilities of cancellation. Please check the website for updates.

2019 performance
*The outline of the 2021 performance will be announced separately.

①Shinjuku Chuo Park / Water Plaza
Date & Time: September 5(THU) 18:30-20:30
ANTIBODIES Collective, Mikiko Kawamura, Tsuyoshi Shirai/Yugo Morikawa(Polygon Head), NEWCOMER‘H’SOKERISSA!, Yukio Suzuki, ZVIZMO (Atsuhiro Ito x TENTENKO)
In Cooperation with Shinjuku City, Shinjuku Chuo Park Park Up Consortium (venture group), and The Shinjuku Subcenter Area Environmental Improvement Commission
② Adachi Wholesale Market
Date & Time: September 22 (SUN) 18:00-19:00 / 20:00-21:00
(2 stages / Please leave the standing space once when the first stage is over.)
OrganWorks, Momoko Shiraga, Yukio Suzuki, Koichiro Tamura, Crack Iron Albatrosket, Yoko Higashino
In Association with Adachi City
③Komae / Tamagawa River Bank
Date & Time: October 12(SAT) 18:00-20:00
Canceled due to approaching typhoon
Aokid, KAMOSU, Kaho Kogure, Tsuyoshi Shirai/Ippei Yonezawa, Tenniscoats, Kumotaro Mukai
Production Support from comaecolor
In Cooperation with Komae City
④ Shibuya / Vacant Space in Udagawacho
Date & Time: October 26(SAT), 27(SUN) 18:00-20:00
Abe"M"ARIA, Yuya Igarashi, Mikiko Kawamura, Kitamari, She de cusu oh chee!, Tsuyoshi Shirai/Dill, Keiji Haino, Yoko Higashino, MEGANE(co.), Maki Morishita/Morishita STAND, Fuyuki Yamakawa, 6-dim+
Credit: In Cooperation with the Koen-Dori Shopping District Promotion Association of Shibuya
⑤ Fuchu / Keyaki Namiki Dori
Date & Time: November 4(MON/Holiday) 16:30-18:00
Anna Irite/Hiromichi Sakamoto, Jon The Dog, Tsuyoshi Shirai/Yugo Morikawa (Polygon Head), Somatic Field Project, 6-dim+
In Association with Fuchu City


Organized by :
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo
(Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Planning and production :
Japan Dance Truck Association
Co-production :
Offsite Dance Project
Lighting offered by :
Color Kinetics Japan
Technical Support :
Panasonic Corporation
Stage Support :
Stage Work URAK
Vehicle Support :
Corporation Asao Lease
Production Support :


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